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30mm Stainless Steel Locket Pendant with Crystals with changeable Felt pad.


Add a few drops of Essential Oil and carry the scent wherever you go.

Comes with 4x random color felt pads and complementary Silver Plated chain.

Great for little ones that could use some calming influence ( or a pick me up scent for parents😉)


I highly recommend Young Living Essential Oils and this is what I use personally with my family. You can order directly from the YL website and have your order sent directly to your door, or register for a wholesale account and save yourself 24% (no minimum order levels!).


Calming scents I recommend: Lavender, Peace & Calming (I & II).

Uplifting: Peppermint, Orange, Joy & Hope


Order Oils directly HERE

Ballerina with Crystals

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