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Stunning Silver with Crystal Fairy Locket Pendant with changeable Felt pad.


Add a few drops of Essential Oil and carry the scent wherever you go.

Great for little ones that could use some calming influence ( or a pick me up scent for parents😉)

Comes with 3x random color felt pads and complementary chain.



I highly recommend Young Living Essential Oils and this is what I use personally with my family. You can order directly from the YL website and have your order sent directly to your door, or register for a wholesale account and save yourself 24% (no minimum order levels!).


Calming scents I recommend: Lavender, Peace & Calming (I & II).

Uplifting: Peppermint, Orange, Joy & Hope


To Purchase Oils please use the following link:


Choose from retail prices or Wholesale Prices

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